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About us

SCOFE began its journey in 2015. It is a venture promoted by the Alumni of IIT-B & IIM-C. They pioneered a leap jump in Engineering Education, with the introduction of 3D Animation and Visualisations for explaining the most complex of Engineering topics. The AIM was to help the large number of Engineering graduates. Through the years we have touched upon the lives of thousands of Engineers.

SCOFE is pledged to the engineering profession, its practitioners and its proponents. We are committed to guiding and assisting all engineers, including students of all levels pursuing a future in engineering.


SCOFE is dedicated to supporting Corporates, faculty, contributing to teaching excellence, and enhancing student success through: exemplary instructional design, effective application and integration of instructional technologies, interactive digital media development, and the deployment of innovative emerging technologies.


SCOFE will be internationally recognized as a leader in the application of innovative instructional technologies that facilitate the next generation of teaching and learning.


Our Values

Scofe Labs is a pioneer in offering online courses for engineering students across India.

  • Excellence – Excellence in all services and support with exceptional customer service. Contributing to students’ performance and success with dedication and commitment to supporting exemplary instruction
  • Integrity – Value honesty, fairness, and openness with attention to detail and being dependable while making wise decisions.
  • Inquiry – Encourage lifelong pursuit of knowledge to expand the understanding of the world through leveraging technology services and solutions in and out of the classroom.
  • Inclusiveness – Incorporating multiple voices and experiences by valuing identities, perspectives, and backgrounds. Strengthening and expanding possibilities through technology to increase accessibility and remove barriers.
  • Community – Value connections, sharing, and communication to promote collaboration and ideas and resource sharing.
  • Sustainability – Contribute to resource sharing while promoting technological solutions that contribute to sustainable principles.
  • Innovation – Encourage and appreciate innovative application of new ideas, technologies, and teaching and learning principles and methods.